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Background Information
Origin Los Angeles, California
Eurovision Song Contest
Country Slovenia
Year 2013
Song "Straight Into Love"
Position 16th (Semi-final)
Points 8 (Semi-final)

Hannah Mancini, known mononymously as Hannah is an American singer who currently resides in Slovenia. She represented Slovenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with the song "Straight Into Love". After performing in the first semi-final of the contest, she got 8 points and finished in last place.


She has worked on numerous Disney movies, collaborating with top music authors and producers, such as Todd Chapman and the Grammy Award winner, Larry Klein, as well as the highly acclaimed American group Haute Chile, who used to perform as the opening act for Sheryl Crow and Seal. She has also worked as a backing vocalist with stars like Luis Miguel. Hannah, who is American-born and is currently busy writing music in Europe and Slovenia having moved here from the USA six years ago after marrying a Slovenian.

During this time she has appeared on the international productions of various albums and compilations, collaborating with DJ Umek (Vice Grip, Circle Records 2009; Dementia, Hell Yeah Records 2009), the DJ and producer Sare Havliček (three singles from the album Toscana Nights, Nang Records 2010: Dreams in Light, Pleasure Storm and In/Out, and a single from her latest album Vibe on You, Nang Records 2011) and the Russian electronic music group D-Pulse (Highway to Saturn, Nang 2010).

Hannah has been the lead singer of the Xequtifz group for a number of years now, and with them she has recorded the Slovene and English versions of three radio hits. In 2011 she took part in the EMA Contest for the Slovene representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, performing the pop song You're The One (Sylvain, Mike Vale & Hannah). She didn't win, yet the song was a huge radio hit in Slovenia. She is currently working on her upcoming international albums (Don't Give A Damn by Mike Vale and Connect Us by Beltek) (source).