These are all of our reasons for Blocking Users. Any Users who do not comply with the guidelines will be banned.

Vandalism - All forms of vandalism are highly frowned upon. These include unnecessary pages, spam, whole page deletes and placing nonsensicle stuff on pages. Bad counts of Vandalism will be warned, and the second time will be blocked. Small Vandalism will be warned twice, with a block at the third instance. Major Vandalism and inclusion of any other rule-breakages will result in an immediate, infinite block.

Inappropriate Names - Creating inappropriate account names that offend, mock or are just inapproriate will result in an immediate block.

Personal Attacks - Any forms of mockery, insulting or harassment will be first warned, and in the second instance be given a 3-day 'cool-off' block. This will be given each time the offence is commited (barring the first), however major breakage of this rule will result in an immediate, infinite block.

The Language - Please keep your language clean. Swearing shall not be tolerated. We will overlook the occasional 'accidental' swear, if it could be justified as 'spur-of-the-moment'. However, to all other curses, we shall award a 1-month block for every offensive word, followed by an infinite block if the problem persists.

Warning Colour Code:

Warning with White Border = Warning for being Offensive

Warning with Green Border = Warning for Vandalism

Warning with Orange Border = Warning for Swearing.

Administrators will have the option to bend these rules ever-so-slightly, according to the severity. Also, as Admins are typically well-respected Users, Admins do have the right to overlook 1 of these offences commited by a fellow Admin, but a repeat of the same offence holds holds the usual block.

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