Eurovision Song Contest 1996
1996 logo
Theme N/A
Final date 18 May 1996
Venue Oslo Spektrum, Oslo, Norway
Presenter(s) Ingvild Bryn
Morten Harket
Conductor Frode Thingnæs
Executive supervisor Christine Marchal-Ortiz
Host broadcaster Flag of Norway Norway
Norsk rikskringkasting (NRK)
Interval act "Beacon Burning" video and dance act
Number of entries 23
Debuting countries None
Returning countries Flag of Estonia Estonia
Flag of Finland Finland
Flag of the Netherlands.svg The Netherlands
Flag of Slovakia Slovakia
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
Withdrawing countries Denmark, eurovision Denmark
Flag of Germany Germany
Flag of Hungary Hungary
Flag of Israel Israel
Flag of Russia.svg Russia
Voting system Each country awarded 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 favourite songs
Nul points None
Winner Flag of Ireland Ireland
"The Voice" by Eimear Quinn
Eurovision Song Contest
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The Eurovision Song Contest 1996 was the 41st Eurovision Song Contest and was held in the Oslo Spektrum in Norway following the country's win the previous year with the song "Nocturnal" performed by Norwegian-Irish duo Secret Garden. It was hosted by A-ha lead singer Morten Harket and Ingvild Bryn.

It was won by the Irish entry "The Voice" performed by Eimear Quinn, which gave the country its record-breaking seventh win and its fourth in five years. As of 2017, this is the last time the country won the Contest.


Bidding phase


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