Eurovision Song Contest 1956
1956 logo
Theme N/A
Final date 24 May 1956
Venue Teatro Kursaal, Lugano, Switzerland
Presenter(s) Lohengrin Filipello
Conductor Fernando Paggi
Executive supervisor Rolf Liebermann
Host broadcaster Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
Radiotelevisione svizzera di lingua italiana (RTSI)
Interval act Les Joyeux Rossignols & Les Trois Ménestrels
Number of entries 6
Debuting countries Flag of Belgium Belgium
France France
Flag of Germany Germany
Flag of Italy Italy
Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg
Flag of the Netherlands.svg The Netherlands
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
Voting system Each country had 2 jury member who each had two votes, only the winner was announced.
Nul points N/A
Winner Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
"Refrain" by Lys Assia
Eurovision Song Contest
◄N/A Wiki Eurovision Heart (Infobox).svg 1957

The Eurovision Song Contest 1956 (in French "Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson Européenne") was the very first edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Only 7 countries took part to this edition: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and The Netherlands.

It was held in Lugano, Switzerland, with the host nation also winning thanks to Lys Assia and her song "Refrain" ("Chorus" in French).The countries had to present 2 songs instead of one nowadays. The voting procedure was secret,so we cannot know the scores. There is no video of the full show, only audio versions.


Draw Country Artist Song Language
01 Flag of the Netherlands.svg The Netherlands Jetty Paerl "De vogels van Holland" Dutch 2
02 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Lys Assia "Das alte Karussell" German 2
03 Flag of Belgium Belgium Fud Leclerc "Messieurs les noyés de la Seine" French 2
04 Flag of Germany Germany Walter Andreas Schwarz "Im Wartesaal zum großen Glück" German 2
05 France France Mathé Altéry "Le temps perdu" French 2
06 Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg Michèle Arnaud "Ne crois pas" French 2
07 Flag of Italy Italy Franca Raimondi "Aprite le finestre" Italian 2
08 Flag of the Netherlands.svg The Netherlands Corry Brokken "Voorgoed voorbij" Dutch 2
09 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Lys Assia "Refrain" French 1
10 Flag of Belgium Belgium Mony Marc "Le plus beau jour de ma vie" French 2
11 Flag of Germany Germany Freddy Quinn "So geht das jede Nacht" German 2
12 France France Dany Dauberson "Il est là" French 2
13 Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg Michèle Arnaud "Les amants de minuit" French 2
14 Flag of Italy Italy Tonina Torrielli "Amami se vuoi" Italian 2

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