Background Information
Origin Derry, Northern Ireland
Birthdate 30 August 1951
Age 65
Eurovision Song Contest
Country Flag of Ireland Ireland
Year 1970
Song "All Kinds of Everything"
Position 1st (Final)
Points 32 (Final)

Dana Rosemary Scallon, better known mononymously as Dana, is a Northern Irish singer and politician best known for being the first act to win the Contest for Ireland, starting off its record run of seven wins, which remains unbroken as of 2017.

Post-Contest, she remained successful in her homeland and the UK and eventually turned towards more religious music before entering politics. She twice attempted to run for the office of Irish president, coming third and sixth respectively.

In 2008, she appeared as a panelist at the Irish Eurovision pre-selection and was vehemently against the possibility of Dustin the Turkey taking to the stage in Belgrade, saying that it would be better for the country to withdraw.

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