Andrius Pojavis
Background Information
Origin Jurbarkas, Lithuania
Birthdate 25 November 1983
Age 33
Eurovision Song Contest
Country Lithuania
Year 2013
Song "Something"
Position 9th (Semi-final)
22nd (Final)
Points 53 (Semi-final)
17 (Final)

Andrius Pojavis (born 25 November 1983) is a Lituanian singer-songwriter. He represented Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with the song "Something". He performed in the first semi-final and ended on the 9th place, thus got enough votes to go through to the final. In the final he got 17 points and ended on the 22th place out of 26 participants.


Andrius Pojavis' first band at school was called “No Hero”. After moving to Vilnius he played with some other bands. With one of them, The Hetero, won EuroRock 2006.

He started his career as a songwriter in Ireland were he lived for one year. Astuoni (Eight) is the title of his debut album. As the title suggests, the album has eight tracks and is a good representation of the artist style. Astuoni was recorded in Massive Arts, Milan, in 2012.

Now Andrius divides his time between Italy and Lithuania. His first single Traukiniai (Trains) arrived in a good position in the Lithuanian Top 20. His next plans include to do a tour around Lithuania while he keeps on writing new songs for the next album.

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