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Alexander Rybak
Alexander Rybak Foto 2009
Background Information
Origin Byelorussian SSR, Soviet Union
Birthdate 13 May, 1986
Age 26
Eurovision Song Contest
Country Norway
Year 2009
Song "Fairytale"
Position 1st (Final)
1st (Semi-final)
Points 387 (Final)
201 (Semi-final)

Alexander Rybak is a Norwegian singer who won the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. He won with the song, "Fairytale", scoring the highest amount of points in the contest, in the history of it.

Rybak won the Contest in Moscow, Russia, with a record 387 points, singing "Fairytale". The song was composed and written by Rybak and was performed together with the modern folk dance company, Frikar.

The song received good reviews with a score of 6 out of 6 in the Norwegian newspaper and, in an ESCtoday poll, he scored 71.3%, making him the favourite to get into the final.

In the Norwegian national finals, Rybak achieved a clean sweep, gaining the top score from all nine voting districts and ending with a combined televote and jury score of 747,888, while the runner up, received a combined score of 121,856 (out of a total population of less than 5 million!)

Rybak later won the Eurovision final with a landslide victory, receiving votes from all the participating countries. Rybak finished with a total of 387 points, breaking the previous record of 292 points scored by Lordi, in 2006 and scoring 169 points more than the runner-up, Iceland.

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